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Bihu Festival: 8 reasons to travel Assam

Bihu is the Official and major festival of Indian State, Assam. The ethnicity and cultural practice attract many tourists. Bihu is not just a festival to celebrate but also a reflection of the lifestyle of many ancient rituals of Assamese culture. Bihu is not less than a culture treasury in this fast-changing society.  Where western culture is dominating the entire Northeast and thus people are losing their cultural identity and ethnicity on one side. While another side is Assamese people who are conserving and protecting their distinctive and unique heritage.

The word Bihu has different meaning but the similar goal is to spread happiness.  Assam is a very beautiful landscape with alluring tradition, attractive Tea gardens, Blue Mountains and variety of wildlife. In this Blog, I am going to tell you about the origin, Importance, Sports and local recipes of Bihu. So that you will get a strong reason to visit Assam during Bihu festival.

1-One festival three times a year.

It’s really amazing to see the three different nature of one Festival. Yes, you have heard right.  Assamese People celebrate it on the basis of farming calendar. All three Bihu has different significance and sends a message to its people.  The first Bihu is Rongali Bihu ( April ) the next one is Kati Bihu ( October ) and the last one is Bhogali Bihu or Magh ( January). It gives you three opportunities to explore the beauty of mesmerizing Assam.

2-Are you a dance lover?

Rangali Bihu is the 1st kind of Bihu which is usually observed in mid of April. It is also the starting of Assamese New Year. A seven days function stating with the worship of cattle and farm animals on the first day and on the 2nd day people wear new cloth and exchange gifts. The remaining 5 days they perform Bihu dance in traditional dress made of Muga silk.

3-Buffalo fighting

Buffalo fight is another great attraction during Magh Bihu which is celebrated in Mid of January month. Fighting between Cock and Nightangle is also very famous in Magh Bihu which is also Called Bhogali Bihu. Apart from buffalo fight, you can enjoy the elephant safari in Kaziranga National park where the world famous One Horn Rhino and beautiful migratory birds live.

4-Tekali Bhonga

It’s a very uncommon game and full of fun in which people use to break pot with a Bamboo steak. You can also take part in this game in Maghi Bihu or Bhogali Bihu.


People of Assam are very rich in culture that’s why they follow their rituals in Bihu festival. During Bhogali Bihu, Mainly boys construct huts made of Bamboo and dry Paddy leaves. They enjoy food inside the hut and later they burn the huts. They also offer coconut in the fire.  It shows the end of harvesting festival. They carry the remains of unburned bamboo and throw between land and trees for better harvest in the coming year.

6-Taste the test of Assam – Pitha

Bhogali Bihu is famous for different recipes of  Pitha and Narikal Laru. Pitha is like a rice cake. People can enjoy a variety of pitha like Sunghapitha, tilpitha and many more. If you are a food lover and have an appetite to taste typical then I would suggest you travel especially in Magh Bihu (January).

7-Happiness in emptiness

A different form of Bihu celebrated in the month of October commonly known as Kati Bihu or Kongali ( Poor ) Bihu. This is celebrated just after the rice field got empty after harvesting. Farmers use to light the lamp in the paddy field. They also worship the Tulsi plant in the courtyard. Farmers generally use Akash bati or Sky lamp. These Lamps are placed on High pole or Bamboo tree. It is a belief the light generated by lamp shows our ancestors a way to heaven. While scientific reason is that light attract different pests and insect and they die after burning in it.

8-Get a chance to look like Assamese

Bihu performers put totally traditional attire during Bihu dance. Boys wear a Dhoti and red printed shirt made of Cotton. A Gamocha is used as a headband. While female performer wears Mekhala-Chaddar.  Mekhala is the lower part and Chaddar is the upper part. It’s really a mixture of culture and art. Performers look very vibrant and perform outstandingly. I am very sure that you will join them and start your feet movement.

The Upcoming Bihu Festival is Magh Bihu in January. You can plan your trip for Assam. Some major city of Assam is Guwahati, Tezpur, Majuli, Sibsagar, Kaziranga, Bongaigaon, Silcher, Haflong and Dibrugarh. For long-lasting memories, You must pay visit at least ones in your lifetime.

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