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5 easy steps to plan a Solo Trip.


Traveling on a fixed departure tour makes you worn out.  Sometimes you might have planned a trip with your friends or colleague after a long monotonous process of discussion with each member. You are trying to fix a convenient date for all.  Busy in making long itinerary on paper, and done endless costing. Everything finalized and suddenly you heard, your tour partner will not join you. And tour got canceled. How would you feel? I think it will make you exhausted.

The current trend of solo traveling will not disappoint you. Because every single decision will be made by you. Here I am going to share the different stage of planning before Solo Touring.

  1.  Find your perfect destination.

Everyone has a list of destination, where he or she wants to go. But the problem is how you can short out and select the best one which will match your desire. First, try to find out what is your objective for traveling. Like everybody travels for some purpose. Here I am listing some goal of traveling

  • Looking for an adventure like trekking, hiking, biking or cycling.
  • Want to connect with new people.
  • Just for Natural Sightseeing.
  • Experience a new tradition and culture.
  • A break from busy life.
  • Photography.
  • Getting Tan
  • Others

Once you have done with it, you can easily select the best destination as per your choice and primary goal.

  1. Budget- How much you want to spend on it?

It is very important for us to look over the budget and cut the useless expenses. Mainly three basic things you required during traveling, like Accommodation for a Night stay, Food to survive and transport to move. In India, you can have a good facility like Homestay, hostel and service apartment for low budget tourist. Always prefer local food that will cost less and also give you a new taste. Use public transport or sharing Cab.  It will help you to find some good friends and also to understand the destination.

  1. Draft your itinerary

Never do too much paperwork because when you are far from your home, it will not work properly. Your ideas may seem good on your laptop. It could be a gap between your expectation and reality. It’s better to do some research work related to a destination where you are going. Add some major tourist spot in your itinerary. Locate cheap and best to eat and drinks. Never mark a specific date for any destination. Sometimes due to any avoidable circumstances, you might have to stay there for one or more days. Keep at least one day in hand and simply roam around the destination. Just go and Chat with the people. Take some great picture with local. Once I was in Arunachal Pradesh and roads were blocked between Bomdila to Tawang due to landslides. I put my itinerary in a dustbin and start traveling in my own way.

Instagram meetups

If you are going for a very first solo trip, always choose the known destination. A city where easy to meet local people or you can also take a guided trip. You can take help from social media like Facebook travel group or Instagram meetups to make your traveling more interesting.

  1. Load on shoulders

Packing is another most important part before going on solo Trip. Your packaging depends upon the type of trip. If you are going for trekking or hiking, you need to keep all the essential equipment along with you. A waterproof 80-liter Backpack, Trekking shoes, Raincoat, Gloves, Trekking pole, First aid kit, Synthetic t-shirts and pant, Keep some dry fruits for instant energy and protein. A good camera with extra battery, Power bank for mobile will help you take the unlimited good shot. You can also keep umbrella (Not applicable in trekking and Hiking) a candlestick that can help to make your shoe water resist by rubbing on the outer surface of shoes. Always carry a pair of a flip-flop which is easy to put on footwear. You can also use it on a train or in a living area.

Travel accessories

Apart from this, you need to carry some item related to your interest. If you love to read books, place it in your bag.  Similarly, keep lots of music in your phone memories. You can also carry a Notebook and a couple of pens to jot down your memories on paper.  Most important things always keep an emergency sheet that will contain you Hotel address, Important Phone numbers of vendors, friends in that city and your loving family members. You should also keep some passport size photographs and scan copy of Identity card. Because destination likes North-Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and order border areas required ILP (Inner land Permit) to make an entry in these areas.

  1. it’s time to go.

Hold your mind!! Start spending a meaningful time. Probably you would have long hours for your thoughts. Solo traveling is the best way to get to know yourself. The loneliness will teach the best lesson of life. Don’t be nervous. Explore some wonderful destination of Northeast. Some Amazing destinations are North-Sikkim, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland. The whole process is a little nerve-racking. But I promise once you feel the taste of freedom. You will never search for a group or travel companion. Roads are open for you.  Go ahead.

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