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Bhutan Tour :10 things you should know before planning a Trip for Bhutan

Bhutan Tour Image

Bhutan is a small country between two powerful nations of the world India and China in respect of economy, technology and politics. But Bhutan has something else which is precious and demand of coming generation. The major source of income of Bhutan kingdom is the Tourism sector. They are focusing to develop tourism and allowing foreign tourist to come and explore. At the same time, Bhutan is maintaining its sustainability and Protecting its environment and authentic tradition. Here I am going to tell 10 things about Bhutan Tour, so you could keep in mind during Bhutan tour plan.

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Buddhist Monk kid near Punakha Dzong

1-Higher entry fees for foreign tourist for Bhutan tour from March to May

The entrance of Thimphu city

Bhutan is collecting  $250 per person per day from foreign and non-regional tourist between March to May and September to November. Still the number of tourist increasing day by day. Government is using this money for the benevolence of its people.

2- Plastic Ban

Bhutanese are creating awareness among people about plastic-free zone

It was an international headline about Plastic Banned by Bhutan in 1999. Such a tiny country made a big initiative. It was a big decision to protect the environment from plastic garbage. So, If you plan a Bhutan Tour with your family and friends then never carry plastics bag with you.

3- Tobacco-free country

No smoking Board in Bhutan

Bhutan knows the consequences of consuming tobacco and tobacco-related products on health. They don’t want to earn tax from unethical practice. Even they didn’t care for their foreign guest especially American and European who are addicted to smoking.

4- Lifetime imprisonment for killing endangered spices

Leopard in Bhutan Forest

If a person found guilty of killing any endangered species like tiger, lion, any Bird even a cow. The government has the right to take him into prison for the lifetime. Royal Bhutan rewards also its people for informing about any activity related to this offense.

5- Fresh and Green renewable source of energy

Hydropower plant in Bhutan

Today Pollution is the biggest challenge and Bhutan is doing very well in fighting with pollution. Bhutan is generating 1500MW electricity with hydropower plant and it will be 10000MW just 5 times more than now by installing 12 more Hydropower plant. And the more interesting thing is Bhutan is the largest exporter of fresh energy.

6- Laws for the protection of culture and tradition

Bhutanese are performing their cultural festival

Bhutan has set many laws and regulation to maintain their culture and tradition for a long run. All citizens of Bhutan must bear tradition dress during their working hours. There is a dress code for all people. Everyone has to take part in royal Bhutan religious or cultural functions.

7- Carbon Negative country

Dense forest in Bhutan

Bhutan is the only country in the world who consumes more CO2 from the environment than it produces. Presently Bhutan has 72% of its total land is under forest. Royal Bhutan promised to maintain 60% of total lands under forest for all time. According to the global economic data, Bhutan emits 1.5 million tons of carbon per annum while their forests absorb more than 6 million tons per annum.

8- Strict policy on entry

A Gateway in Middle of the forest for restricted entry

Bhutan has set an inflexible strategy to fight against the negative aspect of mass tourism like diminishing of cultural identity and environmental damage. So they have limited entry for foreigners. A person can stay not more than 14 days in Bhutan and their travel will be valid for Thimphu and Paro only. To explore other parts of the country they must carry a special permit.

9- Land of happiness

Happy Kid of Bhutan

For Bhutanese people, life doesn’t mean materials. They work for their value development for happiness. According to the Gross national happiness Index, Bhutan is at 1st position in the global happiest country. They have a different theory of life. Bhutan has only a population of 8 lakh. Their belief in Lord Buddha makes them happier.

10-Divergent opinion

Bhutanese kids are planting the tree

Bhutan is moving in another direction, like other parts of the world converting their land into the concrete while Bhutan is making their country green. In long run, Bhutan will be on the Top to the rest of the world.

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(6) Comments

  1. Tausef

    Always know about the place you are going to travel & this blog is very useful. Thanks Dzong holidays

  2. Anshu Kumar

    I wanted to travel this place from my childhood days, I know few of the above mentioned points, but your informative collection of knowledge is amazing. Can;t wait to explore this beautiful place.

  3. Anshu Kumar

    I wanted to travel this place from my childhood days, I know few of the above mentioned points, but your informative collection of knowledge is amazing. Can’t wait to explore this beautiful place!!!

  4. Pankaj kumar

    Very helpful article to know abt bhutan……. N if u traveller u must read this article…… thanks dzong holyday For providing such a fabulous knowledge.

  5. wildlife parks

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

    1. Ishan Narayan

      Yeaps. Thatnk you for your valuable feedback. We will try our best to post quality blog

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