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Nagaland Tourism

From extreme mystery to hosting a globally famous cultural festival, Nagaland has come a long way over the years
a name for itself in the world of tourist destination map. Kohima is the gateways and capital of Nagaland.
It is sharing its border with Indian state like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Myanmar as an international border.
Almost part of Nagaland is hilly and full of the mountain valley.

On the other hand, the Highest peak is Saramati (3841M). There are many different tribes in Nagaland, and that’s why many
different forms of festival associated with particular tribes. Some famous are The Agami, The Rengama, The Zeliang, The Kuki,
The kachari, and many more.At the same time, Hornbill festival is the famous festival of Nagaland.  It is mainly taking place from the 1st -10th December.  Thus, it’s a kind of Modern day cultural extravaganza of all Naga tribes. In particular, Some other festivals are Hega, a matrimonial festival, Mimkut, a Harvest festival, Naknyulem as a gift exchanging festival. Indeed, today Nagaland is in demand by tourists all over the world.