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Mizoram Tourism:

Tucked away in the southern tip of the North-east region of India, Mizoram is a picturesque mountains state of lush forests pulsating with wildlife and dotted with naturals wonders and fabled landmarks. It is land on exotic beauty variegated landscapes.

In addition to, Mizoram sharing its border with two Indian neighbouring countries Myanmar and Bangladesh and also with three Indian states Manipur, Assam, and Tripura. The international line “Tropic of cancer” runs through of it.

There are many fast flowing rivers flow in the narrow valley of Mizoram. Once can find breathe taking waterfalls in the hilly region.  Due to its natural vegetation, Mizoram is rich in flora and fauna.  Its and moderate and pleasant climate makes this place not hotter and cold as well. The main tribal of Mizoram is Mizo, who are passionately famous for their dance, songs, festivals and wedding style. Imphal is the capital and most advanced place of Mizoram.  It has eight districts with a total population of 11 lakh as per the 2010 census.